Plattar Blog: Our new release is here, read all about Plattar XR, the first platform for the Augmented Web

Go beyond the world today. Build on Plattar.

From eCommerce innovators to XR creators, Plattar accelerates your 3D & AR projects.

Curate, build & deploy
Curate and enrich your 3D content, then simply drag & drop to deploy. No coding skills needed.

3D Viewers

Engage & Interact in 3D online
Photo realistic, 360 degree, interactive 3D viewer. Simply embed on your site.

Your Branded Apps

Bring your AR to Billions
iOS and Android apps distributed to App store and Google Play.

XR Web Apps

Instant apps in your browser
Apple AR Quick Look and Chrome WebXR available now.

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“Plattar has driven sales, reduced returns and the platform makes it incredibly easy for me to add new products.”

Sacha Alagich

Founder, Escape to Paradise

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