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One end-to-end platform to bring your products to life.

3D viewers, apps, embeddables.
Create content once, make it available on all channels.

Your Branded Apps

Bring your AR to Billions
iOS and Android apps distributed to App store and Google Play.

3D Viewers

Engage & Interact in 3D online
Photo realistic, 360 degree, interactive 3D viewer. Simply embed on your site.

Curate, build & deploy
Curate and enrich your 3D content, then simply drag & drop to deploy. No coding skills needed.

XR Web Apps

Instant apps in your browser
Apple AR Quick Look and Chrome WebXR available now.

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Your branded apps and embeddable SDKs.

Rapidly create, customise and deploy your own Augmented Reality apps for iOS & Android. Stand-alone or in your own app with Plattar SDKs.

  • Beautiful & simple. Best in class AR experience.
  • Best practice app templates. Fully brandable and customisable.
  • Supported app deployments. Reduce approval delays.
  • Complete white label. Control any element in the user experience.
  • Rich SDK. Embed Plattar AR in your own app.
  • ARCore & ARKit ready. Up to date with Google and Apple’s AR.
  • Out of the box content support. A CMS for digital teams.
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XR Web Apps.

Reach more people, from the world’s leading mobile platforms.
Be first to market with browser-based AR.

  • Web ready. Apple Quicklook AR & Chrome WebXR out-of-the-box.
  • Seamless user experience. No app required.
  • Reach more people. Browser penetration growing daily.
  • Built for reach & compatibility. On Apple ARKit & Google ARCore.
  • Create once and publish anywhere. Through the Plattar CMS.
  • Drag and drop. Simply update and maintain your 3D content.
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3D Web Viewer

  • Collections. Show all colour and texture variations.
  • 360 spin & zoom. Show product from all angles and close up.
  • Annotate products. With text, rich media or animations.
  • Custom controls. API to control the viewer from within your website.
  • Content Switching and Linking. Change between multiple scenes.

3D Mobile Viewer

  • Seamless & simple. View products from all angles on your mobile.
  • 360 spin. Show product from all angles.
  • Pinch and zoom. Show product details and finishes in close up.
  • Environment overlay. Move & scale objects in the camera view.
  • View in AR. Launch your AR app direct from the mobile browser.
Select outcome
  • Out-of-the-box templates
  • Build configurators & presentations.
  • Create activations, support guides + more
  • Drag and drop to update
  • Simple themes & branding wizard
Curate content
  • Bring together your products
  • Import raw 3D content
  • Bulk upload and file translation
  • Leverage your existing 3D models
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Add product info, pricing and links
Build experience
  • Add custom pages & web views
  • Select text styles, images & buttons
  • Create product configurators
  • Set environments, light & mood
  • Add annotations, images and videos
  • Create complex scenes & app actions
  • Build apps to iOS & Android
  • Managed app updates
  • App submission with a single click
  • Embed 3D viewers & configurators
  • Build to Web with 1 line of code
Analyze & update
  • Dashboard & onboarding
  • Role based permissions
  • Simple to use and manage
  • Google Apps integration
  • Analytics and logging
  • Link to user guides and instructions
  • Support in app warranty registrations
  • Notify of new releases and updates
  • Upsell complementary products
  • Build loyalty through your products

“Plattar has driven sales, reduced returns and the platform makes it incredibly easy for me to add new products.”

Sacha Alagich

Founder, Escape to Paradise

See how people use Plattar

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